JNA Closes out Black History Month 2023

JNA closes out Black History Month featuring the Netflix documentary  Descendant. On July 9, 1860, more than 100 captive Africans were brought to the shores of Mobile, Alabama, on a ship named the Clotilda, under cover of darkness. The international slave trade had been made illegal in the US in 1808, but human trafficker Timothy Meaher made a bet that he could get around the law with his ship. Today, the residents of Africatown, just north of Mobile, count the Clotilda survivors among their ancestors.

The new documentary Descendant, from director Margaret Brown, brings their stories to light as they grapple with a growing spotlight on their community following the discovery of the sunken Clotilda. The film shows how events that unfolded more than a century ago continue to have lasting repercussions several generations later.

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