We invite all Jamaicans to attend the Jamaican Nationals Associations monthly meetings which are held on the last Sunday of each month at 4:00 p.m., except during a major holiday weekend and the Month of August.

Membership to the Jamaican Nationals Association is due annually from January to December. Members of the Association receives a wide variety of benefits including but not limited to discounted rates for upcoming events such as Family Fun Day, our Annual Independence Ball and various other programs.

Individual Membership – $35.00

  • Includes all member privileges and membership card
  • Discount rates for selected events

Business Membership – $150.00

  • Includes all member privileges and membership card
  • Recognition in newsletter
  • Discount rates for selected events

Life Time Membership – $500.00

  • Includes all member privileges and membership card
  • Advertising (quarter page or smaller) in four monthly newsletter

Note: Eligibility for membership, as stated in Article 2, Sections 1(a)(b) of the 1969 Constitution reads: “Every person who by birth or naturalization is a citizen of Jamaica , or who has legitimate claim to Jamaican citizenship, is eligible. Such members must live in the Washington Metropolitan Area.”

The 1982 Constitution, in Article 4 (d), adds that membership shall be open to: “Any individual sponsored by two (2) members in good standing of the Association and approved by the Executive Committee or by a majority of the members in general session present and voting.” Article 4 (e) continues: “Any person who qualifies as an honorary member as provided in the By-Laws.” The By-Laws (1982), Chapter 1, Section 1 (b) states that “.An honorary member shall not be required to pay dues. He/she shall not vote or hold office in the Association.”

Please note that you can submit your membership application online by filling the form below. 

Membership Form

  • I would like to serve on a Committee: (please check those that apply)
  • JNA’s membership year runs for one year. Dues are payable in the month in which your membership expires, and members receive a variety of benefits based on the level of membership.