JNA 50th Anniversary Church Service at St. John’s Episcopal Church

On Sunday, September 15, 2019, the Jamaican Nationals Association kicked off its week of celebration of its 50th Anniversary with a Church Service followed by a reception at the St. John’s Episcopal Church in Beltsville, MD.

Ambassador Curtis Ward, Past President, Jamaican Nationals Association, former Ambassador to the United Nations and Sir George Alleyne, Director Emeritus, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and Chancellor Emeritus, University of the West Indies participated in the service. Ambassador Ward gave an excellent overview on the history of JNA. Thanks to Sir George for his insightful summary on his connection with JNA through his leadership as Chancellor Emeritus of UWI and Director of Emeritus of PAHO, and through your family. Other participants included Reverend Dr. Noel Godfrey, Immediate Past President of the Jamaican Association of Maryland; Jacqueline Payne-Borden, immediate past president; Jennifer Asher, past president; Justin Braham, JNA scholarship awardee, and Elaine Knight, President.

Our JNA officers and Team JNA 50th Anniversary Planning Committee as well as volunteers from St. John’s Episcopal Church certainly set the pace for the start of 50th Anniversary Celebration. The church service was full. The reception held in the church hall was excellent. Please see link below.

Thank you Team JNA for all the hard work done that resulted in a successful event!! Thanks to Reverend Joseph Constant and the St. John’s church family and volunteers for their hard work and kind hospitality.

Great service!

We look forward to your continuous support.

JNA 50th Anniversary Planning Committee:

Jennifer Asher
Franklyn Burke, Esq.
Louis Hemans
Elaine V. Knight, PhD
Lunette Martin
Althea McKenzie
Enid McKenzie
John McKenzie
Delores McKoy
Ret. Col. Jacqueline Payne-Borden, PhD
Beverley Thomas
Rolando Robinson
Errol Roper
Moye Stephenson
Beverley Thomas
Norma Thompson
Calvin Towsend
Jennifer Wilson