Communications & Outreach: 

(1) Implement meaningful communication and information-sharing with members;

(2) Assist with promotional efforts, i.e. website, social media and e-newsletters; and

(3) Establish and maintain relationships with Jamaican and Caribbean organizations, the Jamaican Embassy, media outlets.

Community Service & Development: 

(1) Provide or identify life skills training seminars and workshops, and information related to technology, health care, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and other areas of interest to members; and

(2)Identify and support individuals or organizations in US-Jamaican communities and in Jamaica on specific charitable projects.

Cultural Heritage & Social Activities: 

(1) Develop Jamaican cultural heritage program for Black History Month, Caribbean-American Heritage Month, and Jamaican Heroes Celebrations;
(2) Develop activities focused on significant Jamaican milestones or popular aspects of Jamaican heritage and culture;
(3) Support other organizations efforts to promote Jamaican cultural heritage; and
(4) Keep abreast of cultural issues in the US and Jamaica and develop plan to address where needed.

Finance & Fundraising: 

(1) Develop and implement annual fundraising plan;
(2) Develop and manage JNA’s budget; and
(3) Ensure compliance with federal and local filings.


(1) Recommend means to increase membership base;
(2) Identify members’ needs and recommend programs to meet those needs;
(3) Recommend ways to acknowledge new members and to encourage their participation;
(4) Identify non-member needs and perceptions; and
(5) Work with other committees to update the membership application process and benefits. Accordion Content

Student Outreach & Educational Support: 

(1) Identify mentors for Jamaican students and students of Jamaican heritage in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area (WMA);
(2) Host an annual welcome and networking reception for Jamaican students coming to the WMA;
(3) Assist with maintaining a JNA College Scholarship Fund;
(4) Provide leadership and life-skill training for students of Jamaican heritage in the WMA; and
(5) Maintain communication with WMA Caribbean student groups and encourage their involvement in the community.