(1) Implement meaningful communication and information-sharing with members;

(2) Assist with promotional efforts, i.e. website, social media and e-newsletters; and

(3) Establish and maintain relationships with Jamaican and Caribbean organizations, the Jamaican Embassy, media outlets.

(1) Provide or identify life skills training seminars and workshops, and information related to technology, health care, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and other areas of interest to members; and

(2)Identify and support individuals or organizations in US-Jamaican communities and in Jamaica on specific charitable projects.

(1) Develop Jamaican cultural heritage program for Black History Month, Caribbean-American Heritage Month, and Jamaican Heroes Celebrations;
(2) Develop activities focused on significant Jamaican milestones or popular aspects of Jamaican heritage and culture;
(3) Support other organizations efforts to promote Jamaican cultural heritage; and
(4) Keep abreast of cultural issues in the US and Jamaica and develop plan to address where needed.

(1) Develop and implement annual fundraising plan;
(2) Develop and manage JNA’s budget; and
(3) Ensure compliance with federal and local filings.

(1) Recommend means to increase membership base;
(2) Identify members’ needs and recommend programs to meet those needs;
(3) Recommend ways to acknowledge new members and to encourage their participation;
(4) Identify non-member needs and perceptions; and
(5) Work with other committees to update the membership application process and benefits. Accordion Content

(1) Identify mentors for Jamaican students and students of Jamaican heritage in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area (WMA);
(2) Host an annual welcome and networking reception for Jamaican students coming to the WMA;
(3) Assist with maintaining a JNA College Scholarship Fund;
(4) Provide leadership and life-skill training for students of Jamaican heritage in the WMA; and
(5) Maintain communication with WMA Caribbean student groups and encourage their involvement in the community.

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