February 2021

Dear JNA Members, Friends, & Sponsors:

Re: Fundraising for 2021 Virtual College Student Awards Reception

The Jamaican Nationals Association will be hosting virtually the Student Outreach and Educational Support Program/Annual College Student Scholarship Awards Reception on November 13, 2021. We are also making plans for a leadership and communications seminar in April for college students, faculty members, sponsors, members, and guests to participate.

We are seeking financial assistance towards our Student Outreach and Educational Support (SOES) Program which is offered to Jamaican heritage college students in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. As a 501(c)(3) tax
exempt, non-profit organization, the Jamaica Nationals Association organizes events that are funded through sponsorships and donations. We hope you will consider this request for donation and financial contribution to our outreach program or you may share this information with friends and families.

The Student Outreach Program was created by JNA’s Education Committee to provide networking opportunities with university and college students in the DC metropolitan area, and award students with scholarships that will assist with their educational endeavors. As there continues to be a pandemic and the need for assistance with college expenses, many students are finding it extremely difficult to afford the resources necessary to achieve their educational goals. Our goal is to raise $15,000 to $25,000 for this project to assist needy and talented students.

We have attached a copy of our Sponsor form for you to complete and return in PDF format to to attention of SOES Committee. Checks payable to Jamaican Nationals Association can be mailed to: Jamaican Nationals Association, P.O. Box 56453, Washington, DC 20040. Credit card payments are accepted using PayPal on our website at

Thank you for your financial assistance and support of this worthy educational project. If you have any questions about the Student Outreach Program, please feel free to contact Jennifer Asher at (202) 250-4521 or send an email to:


Elaine V. Knight, Ph.D. 

Jennifer Asher
Chair, Student Outreach and Educational
Support Committee

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