Holiday Greetings and Thank you from JNA

As we head into the holidays and with 2023 in the rearview mirror, we look back at another challenging year with deep gratitude. Congratulations to Jamaica on 61 years of Independence. May our country celebrate more years of success, renewed faith and prosper with every passing year.


The strength, restless sacrifice, compassion surrounding us, and the level to which our communities are coming together have been extraordinary and inspiring!


To all those families who have lost their loved ones over the past year, we offer our deepest condolences.


Congratulations to our elected officers (2024-2025). You impressed us with your willingness to volunteer, your vision, and your ability to get the job done. We hope that you will continue to work towards implementation of the mission of our organization. We wish you the best in your new term of office.


Thank you to our officers, founders, members, lifetime members, advisory council, supporters, and volunteers for your continued support of the Association.


Because of our teamwork and goodwill throughout the organization, we were able to achieve much by working in a harmonious environment.


Thank you again for your service and dedication in “Connecting, Supporting, and Celebrating Community & Culture” in the Diaspora and in Jamaica.



Stay safe and take care.



Merry Christmas

Happy Kwanza

Happy New Year


With respect and gratitude …

With respect and gratitude…


Jamaican Nationals Association

of the Washington D. C. Metropolitan Area