Black History Month is here

“Get to know African American history within easy access”

February is always an exciting month as it is designated Black History Month, “ a time of the year dedicated to honoring the contributions of African Americans to society both in the US and worldwide.” While much of this history has been hidden, February’s focus is an opportunity for persons of Jamaican heritage in the DMV to add to their knowledge of the African American leg of the dispersal of peoples of African descent throughout the world, often referred to as the African Diaspora.

For Black History Month 2023, every week, JNA will share with its members and friends information on an easily accessible site to visit or an activity, which members have recommended.

GO VISIT the Harriett Tubman Museum on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

We’ve featured this first as this will take a little more planning but is well worth it. This should be on your bucket list even if you can’t go this February. Some JNA members report that they have visited with Church or other groups on bus tours, and this might be a consideration for JNA Leadership. For one JNA member, one striking memory of this visit is the welcoming mural of Harriett Tubman reaching out to you to come with her as she conducts you to freedom on the “underground railroad. Begin your planning by visiting

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