Be the Change: Volunteer & Make the Difference

JNA’s mission is to unite persons of Jamaican heritage and friends of Jamaica in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area (WMA) and to support charitable and educational efforts in WMA and in Jamaica.

Our major focus in 2020 continues to be our outreach and educational support to college students of Jamaican heritage, and the development of our community through programs on cancer prevention, and activities which inform, connect and celebrate Jamaican heritage and culture.

You can help in several ways:

  1. Become a member of JNA.
  2. Donate or email to volunteer your time to assist with JNA’s 2020 programs (focus is on education, community development, cultural preservation and cancer prevention advocacy). Please take a look at JNA’s Calendar of Activities for 2020.
  3. Donate to or sponsor JNA’s Scholarship which awards scholarships to college and university students of Jamaican heritage in the WMA.

Specifically, JNA could use your help with communication and outreach, including assisting with this Newsletter. JNA could also use help with membership recruitment and building its support network for its Scholarship & Leadership program, among other efforts.

JNA is a 501©(3) charitable organization which means donations are tax deductible. To volunteer, or for information on membership, donations and sponsorship please go to JNA’s website at Visit us on Facebook.

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