Developing Podcasts Targeting “Leadership & Communication Skills”

According to the Student Outreach & Educational Support (SOES) Program Committee Co-chairs, the rise of remote learning and social distancing resulting from the coronavirus pandemic has challenged the Committee to adapt its methods and strategy for outreach to students and to the community.

While students were already facing housing and food insecurity before the pandemic, the need for educational support is even greater during this period of transformation and disruption. The Committee is aware that the need is great right now and is adapting its program to these changed circumstances. The Committee is focused on two efforts:

  1. Fundraising for the 2020 Scholarship & Leadership Awards to be held in October with the goal of raising $25,000 for scholarships. For information on sponsorships and to make a donation, please visit our donations page.
  2. Developing online learning through podcasts and webinars specifically focused on the needs of our Jamaican community. Program topics will include leadership and communication skills featuring leaders in the local Jamaican community. If you would like to recommend a leader to be featured or you are such a leader, please contact us at

SOES was initiated by JNA to foster the participation and development of talented student leaders who will help to build strong, healthy and nurturing communities throughout the Jamaican Diaspora and in Jamaica.

This Program is designed to engage students attending colleges in the Washington DC Metro Area, through their participation in:

  • An annual networking event where they can interact with community leaders, likely mentors, and other professionals
  • An annual award of JNA’s leadership and book scholarship support
  • Ongoing opportunities for networking, mentoring, community organizing and leadership training

Please consider supporting our Youth through financial donations or through the giving of your time.

Yasmin Anderson-Smith
Jennifer Asher

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