Julius Garvey to speak on contributions of Caribbean Diaspora to US

DR Julius Garvey, son of famous black nationalist and Jamaica’s first national hero, Marcus Garvey, will be the keynote speaker at Sunday’s Black History Month forum which will discuss ‘The Contributions of the Caribbean Diaspora to America’.

According to organisers, in keeping with COVID-19 restrictions the forum will be held virtually on February 28 at 4:00 pm EST via Zoom. The Jamaican Nationals Association (JNA) of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, through the leadership of JNA President Dr Elaine Knight and Vice-President Rev Dr Noel Godfrey, will host the forum, while Dr Karren Dunkley, Jamaica Diaspora Northeast USA representative, will be the moderator.

The organisers said the forum will recognise and amplify the role of Caribbean nationals in the history and development of the United States, noting that the Caribbean Diaspora is well-educated and an affluent demographic numbering close to eight million people.

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